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Do you want to talk with your Teams more often and save time doing it ? Need to check-in while driving (where video conferencing is not safe) ?

We understand. Work From Home and Work From Road can be hard, if not down-right impossible. Conference calls should be quicker and easier. We hear you! Get out of that old "tent" β›Ί of a conference calling room and enter a brand new "yurt" πŸŽͺ from Yurt.Tel

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How does it work ?

  1. Dial your special Yurt.Tel telephone number.
  2. Enter your access codes.
  3. Record your greeting message.
  4. Hold on briefly while the helper robot calls your Friends.
Figure 1: You Call Yurt, Robot Calls Friends

As soon as your Friends answer their phones, it's as easy as...

  1. First they hear your greeting message.
  2. Then our system asks them to accept the call by pressing 1.
  3. If they press 1, they will automatically join you and all your other Friends in your Yurt.
Figure 2: Y'all are Talking Now!

YURT.TEL IS REALLY FAST!! Plus, no ever-changing conference room numbers, new app updates, buried emails & cumbersome PINs for Friends to remember or forget 😜! They just ANSWER their phone and PRESS 1 to hop in your Yurt with you!!

And if they don't answer their phones, or hang up too soon...

Wait 1-2 minutes and press *8 (that's *T) to command your helper robot to "T"ry re-dialing everyone not currently joined, getting them back into your conferencing Yurt automatically.


What equipment do I need to get started with my first "Yurt" ?

You only need a telephone - no internet, no app, no PC - just your cell phone, or basic land line is fine. We keep it simple by ☎️ focusing on voice calls ☎️, which work better in more places for more people. For example:

Skip the make-up πŸ’„ and splashy backgrounds πŸ–οΈ and save on camera tape (is this thing on πŸ“ΈπŸ€·πŸΎ?) With Yurt.Tel you just talk πŸ“£


How private and secure is Yurt.Tel ?

*We believe privacy is a basic human right.*
We do not sell your data - we make money by selling subscriptions and Premium Customer Service.
However, we do sometimes share your data - but only for reasonable and necessary business purposes, including but not limited to: We also take security precautions according to many industry best practices: Our most popular use case is helping you to call Friends on the public telephone network. In this case, audio streams are often unencrypted when traversing both the public telephone network and the public internet. This is weak on privacy but secure against many types of systems failures due to decades of solid engineering and redundancy planning in the underlying networks that we rely on to efficiently deliver you the best conference calling experience. Additionally, no special smart phone apps are required - flip phones in the mountains can handle these calls.πŸš‘β›°οΈ


Is there an encrypted option ? Video calling support ?

Yes! Encrypted πŸ”and video πŸŽ₯VoiP-only IPv6 mobile options are available with custom subscription plans. Please contact us for details and suggestions on the optimal integration to best utilize your existing business voice and video environments. Our solution utilizes many Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) technologies compatible with most WebRTC and SIP-based PBX systems, including Always Be Conferencing configuration for the fastest conferencing in the West! 🀠

🏎️ Help re-open and get back to work more quickly by managing your teams' remote voice commlinks with Yurt.Tel 🐎


Can you restrict access to start the Yurt for only my Caller ID number ?

Yes! This is one very convenient option if you are always calling in from the same number eg. your cell phone. We can prevent all other numbers from even hearing the Yurt.Tel menus - instead they will end up leaving you a voicemail (which we can send to you via voicemail-to-email.) We understand that Caller ID is not perfect - and Caller ID spoofing is possible, even with modern SHAKEN/STIR protocols - so you'll still need to enter a PIN to activate your Yurt. And you can change your PIN at any time from inside of the Yurt.Tel phone menu system.


How many people can fit into one Yurt ?

On our BASIC plans, up to 10 people can be in one Yurt - that's you the OG Caller, plus 9 Friends.
Figure 3: You + 9 Friends = 1 full Yurt
Also on the BASIC plans, you get 9 Yurts to help you nimbly manage multiple Teams of Friends throughout your day as needed.
Figure 4: Morning = 4 Yurts,
Afternoon = 3 Yurts,
Night = 2 Yurts
For example, let's say you run a restaurant πŸ₯žπŸ₯—πŸ that is trying to (re)open, but getting enough of your staff together is proving to be difficult because of the ever-changing public health edicts πŸ”¨, un-precedented scheduling conflicts ⌚, etc. So, you might split out employee phone numbers into several separate Yurts:
  1. Cooks
  2. Day time wait staff
  3. Night time wait staff
  4. Dishwashers, bussers and sanitizers
  5. Hosts
...then you could call out to each Yurt #1-5, on different phone calls at different times of the day and week, according to your unique situation. Up to 9 Friends in 9 Yurts means you can keep in touch with 81 employees on just the BASIC plans.

More advanced plans support scores of Yurts and up to hundreds of Friends! A TINY TOWN HALL IN THE MAKING!!

Short but frequent conference calls via YurtTel let you create new spaces for sharing information in real time. πŸ‘¨πŸΏβ€πŸ‘©πŸΏβ€πŸ‘§πŸΏβ€πŸ‘¦πŸΏ


Besides *8 for re-dialing Friends, what other in-Yurt key pad menu options are there ?

πŸ‘‰ You can press these codes any time you are in your Yurt.

Menu For You the OG Caller

*2"A"mp up your listening volume.
*3"D"ecrease your listening volume.
*4"H"ang-up the Yurt.
*5"L"ock the Yurt.
*6"M"ute or unmute yourself.
*8"T"ry re-dialing Friends.
*9"W"ave hand / make a point of order/information request.
99"ZZ"Z mute/unmute ALL Friends.
*#Count total connected + still ringing Friends.
**Speak this OG menu.

Menu For Your Friends the Callees

*2"A"mp up your listening volume.
*3"D"ecrease your listening volume.
*6"M"ute or un-mute yourself.
*9"W"ave hand / make a point of order/information request.
**Speak this Friend menu.

Got dial tone ? YOU + YURT.TEL = WINNING! πŸ†


Where do I sign-up ?

Subscribe online via PayPal.
Or call us toll free
1-833-YURT-TEL (1-833-98-78-83-5)
to set up an account.

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